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About Libby Baker

For Libby, painting provides a creative link to energetic dimensions she had not considered possible. It was never a career to be pursued but simply a part of her life that unfolded as she embraced fear and opened her heart to the joy and freedom of letting go.

Growing up in a small rural town, in New Zealand she spent her school life at St Matthew’s College. After graduating as a General & Maternity Nurse in 1973 she settled in Australia with her Swiss born husband and two young sons.

During visits to Switzerland, Libby was introduced to Doctor Vogel’s clinic of naturopathy and homeopathic medicine. Vogel had a deep respect for nature and his philosophy about finding a balance between nature, the body and mind had a profound influence on her passion for preventive health.

She completed a post-graduate degree in Occupational Health & Safety at Curtin University in Western Australia, with further post-graduate psychology studies. In the early 1980’s Libby began working with safety and health strategies for the prevention of injury and disease in the mining sector. Her successful career in safety management, auditing, training, and consulting spanned 20 years.

A marriage breakdown, divorce, a new relationship, a miracle baby and a health crisis forced her to “get off the train and smell the roses”. It required a leap of faith, surrender and the courage to look within.

Her self-published books have unfolded in much the same way as her paintings. They capture a rare talent and passion for sharing aspects of her healing journey. “Revealing Hidden Emotions” shares ways to raise awareness about emotional triggers and harmful patterns of behaviour that prevent true potential to shine.

About Libby