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Is there something in your life you want to change or improve?

For positive change to occur, underlying causes that have created emotional blockages must be realised and released.


How your journey evolves

The Colour Therapy Workshop will provide you with the means to make positive change no matter what your current circumstances.

It begins with a half day introductory workshop that uses original art images and sensory triggers to release deeply suppressed emotions, and continues with self-motivated use and follow up sessions. The Journey creates an awareness of early childhood experiences, conditioning and relationship patterns which allows you to release hidden undesirable and disempowering behaviour.

The workshop design honours free will and respects the privacy of every participant. It is coordinated by Libby Baker and provides a supportive environment with trained support facilitators who recognise that each person is unique.


How will the Self Realisation Journey benefit you?

The key to transformation is self-awareness.

Self-awareness brings clarity and produces positive thoughts and actions. It allows the flow of creative energy that can bring something remarkable into your reality.

The Workshop will assist you in revealing, balancing and analysing hidden emotions. Once you are aware of these underlying emotions, the process will enable you to realise and release blockages allowing you to:

  • Feel worthy and cared for;
  • Enhance loving relationships; and
  • Contribute to the world in a meaningful way.


What you need to do

Take a leap of faith and make the decision to begin your journey towards positive change. Do not feel apprehensive for this is an exciting adventure.

Wear comfortable clothing to your introduction day and be open to discovering and embracing a ‘new you’.

Frequently Asked Questions