Libby's Energy Art


How The Journey began

“We can choose to become the masters of our destiny.”


My source of inspiration and guidance came from a painting process that required surrender, trust and connection to an uplifting energy source. Painting a series of trees challenged everything that was deep within me as I connected with an energy source that guided my hand.

Images and scenes would magically appear, quickly disappear and be replaced with something different as ancient stories and mysterious symbols unfolded. I finally came to the realisation this creative challenge was helping me:

  • Recognise behaviour patterns that didn’t serve me;
  • Clear patterns of behaviour that were making me unwell;
  • Overcome fear, surrender to the unknown and find trust in myself;
  • Awaken the intuitive mind;
  • Rewrite destiny on a cellular level.

The concept evolved over 8 years as unplanned events confirmed that others could relate and learn from the colour vibrations in the paintings. I hope you will feel stimulated and amazed when you begin selecting colour patterns from the trees and follow the guided readings and actions.

- Libby Baker

Source of Inspiration