Libby's Energy Art


The Root Chakra Tree

This tree illustrates the balance of the beauty and abundance above ground, and equally what lies below the ground. This provides strength, support, and safety for the tree’s survival. Like the golden pears in the upper branches of the tree, we have a higher Self of pure light that is radiant and abundant. The Great Central Sun represents a point of consciousness within your spirit which enhances the impulse of light and love to all creation. The physical and emotional self is like the trunk and roots of the tree. The physical body supports our chosen journey on this earth and is energetically connected to our soul via the brain and energy centres. The root is the place of cell development, birth, and rebirth or the gateway to life and death. As our survival centre, it provides the ability to draw abundance from the earth’s energy despite the challenges that are presented during our life span.


From the Root Chakra Tree below, choose a labelled combination that immediately attracts you.

The Root Chakra