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Workshop Feedback

Unsolicited feedback from the Colour Therapy Workshop:

“ Really liked the way you have developed the paintings as a source of guidance and reflection.”

“I loved it all, felt like I was walking six inches off the ground.”

“Andrea’s studio, yoga and hospitality were perfect for an emotions workshop. The welcoming ritual was a beautiful way of setting up the energy for the day.”

“As a seasoned workshop experiencer I enjoyed the wide variety of experiences and information provided.”

“The breath and body techniques offer a very effective way for people to experience their emotions safely.”

“I really enjoyed the experience of the crystal bowls, it was very insightful, very beautiful. ”

“I feel like I have come out of a couple of weeks just not feeling like myself and feel a lot more clear. I sense hidden gems in your book.”


“Libby’s ‘Revealing Hidden Emotions’ is an intriguing journey into the depths of our being. It is an amazingly gentle and subtle process, yet at the same time very deep and powerful. Like magic, it uncovers what is lurking beneath the surface without having to work hard at it, or spend hours analysing ourselves. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to explore themselves more deeply.”

– Sally Flintoff, Breathwork pyschotherapist


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